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09 Aug 2022

Category: Travel


New Year Party in Bangalore

The countdown for the New Year 2020 has already begun! Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, embraces the festivities in its own style. From watching live fireworks to dancing your night away, here is a round up of some exquisite discotheques of Bangalore to welcome…


A weekend in Lonavala

Whether you have been to Maharashtra or not, Lonavala is one such place that is embedded in everybody’s mind. A significant Maharashtrian tourist destination – Lonavala is generally flocked by people from nearby cities during the weekends. After all, who wouldn’t like a little getaway?…


Small guide before travel to Akumal

Try not to pass judgment on different explorers. Either. Try not to cross-examination on individuals for visiting the most touristy urban communities on the planet. Don’t pass judgment on them for going with a rucksack or a bag. Don’t give an examination on them for…