Going to Spain? Make sure to Visit Valencia!


The port city of Valencia lies on Spain’s south-easter coast, where the Turia river meets with the Mediterranean sea. It is considered to be one of the most vibrant, modern and cosmopolitan cities in all Europe, and surely does have an heritage, culture and a night life that will rival with those of the biggest capitals around the world.

This city also has a very lively old centre, with a huge abundance of beautiful streets with its unique architecture that mixes medieval buildings and modern life. There is also one of the world’s most ultra modern attractions named the City of the Arts and Sciences. All of these factors surely make Valencia one of the most interesting places to visit in Europe.

Valencia, a city where arts and culture meet with nightlife

As one of Europe’s best destination, this city surely offers lots of interesting options for its visitors. As one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities, transport shouldn’t be an issue, as there are many public transport options or a Transfer Valencia service that could fit any demand. Now we’re going to share some of the best recommendations on what to do when visiting this city.

  • We can start off this list by naming the oceanographic of Valencia. This oceanarium opened in 2003 and is located on the east of the city. Organized by zones with different environments, it manages to have over 45.000 individual animals that come from all around the world.
  • A trip to Malvarosa beach is also mandatory when visiting this city. This beach has been awarded with the famous “blue flag” recognition, as it manages to offer many amenities that make the stay much more pleasant for its visitors.
  • Visiting the central market of Valencia is also a must-do while visiting the city. Built in the 1920s , the art nouveau market is one of the largests in Europe, and has beautiful flass and mosaics adorning the domes of the structures. It always has the best seasonal produce, and it always has the biggest variety of foods accompanied with its impressive setting.
  • We couldn’t miss the chance to visit the city of arts and sciences. This is an entertainment-based complex of arts and sciences that was started in the 90s, and completely finished in 2005. Within this complex of breath taking architectural beauty we can find museums, planetariums, and many other family friendly attractions
  • And of courses, we couldn’t finish this list without naming one of europe’s biggest zoos: Bioparc Valencia. It offers a brilliant animal park experience, where animals live in replicas of their natural environment that are one of the closets to perfection in the world.



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