Know the best time to visit Cancun and what to do: a complete guide!

Are you searching the internet and fail to discover the next place for a family vacation? If it is your case, then you are in the right place. Know the best time to visit and explore the first things to do in Cancun Mexico. We will share some essential information that will help you to design your tour in Cancun.

It is hot all year long in Cancun. But, the city receives tourists throughout the year, mainly between December and February. If you want peace of mind, it is best to avoid the month of March and the beginning of April. Between June and November, it is hurricane season. The weather is more unstable in September and October, so in this period the chances of catching lousy weather days are higher.

Blue waters and white sand – what to expect from Cancun’s beaches

How can we certainly miss the white sand beaches from “what to do in Cancun” list? Most of the hotels in Cancun face the sea. It is convenient to enjoy the beach in front of the hotel and enjoy the structure that it offers in the sand. With a stunning sea and the continuous growth of the local hotel chain, the region has become a trendy tourist destination, sought by people from all over the world.

  • Playa Tortugas – This is a small beach. It has a super calm sea. It is one of the best beach options for those staying in the centre and do not want to stop enjoying the sea.
  • Playa Delfines – It is one of the most famous public beaches in Cancun. The place has a lookout with an incredible view and is worth visiting. This beach has more choppy waves.
  • Playa Caracole – Located on a tranquil stretch of the shore, Playa Caracole is a beach with public access. The beach has a short time of sand, umbrellas for public use, bathrooms and showers, as well as some nearby restaurants.

Pre-Columbian buildings, ancient traditions and Mayan culture

The next choice in our “things to do in Cancun” list, is Cancun’s landmark.

  • Chichen-Itza – Chichen Itza is an archaeological site considered one of the new wonders of the world and receives thousands of tourists all year round. For those who enjoy ancient civilizations, the tour is simply a must.
  • Tulum – The archaeological site is on the beach and has several ruins of Mayan buildings. In this place, there are no pyramids or grandiose buildings. However, it is the strategic location that makes Tulum so unique.
  • Coba – About 170 km from Cancun, Coba is an archaeological site in ruins, surrounded by forest. In the place, the most critical point of visitation is the “Castillo”, a pyramid that can be climbed and that is more than 40 meters high.
  • Cenotes – Cenotes are like cavities filled with crystal clear water that was used by the Maya for some of their rituals. There are many different types of Cenotes – some covered and some outdoors. And they are located mainly in the Playa del Carmen and Tulum regions.

Conclusion: From luxurious malls to simple handicraft markets

La Isla is one of the most popular options in Cancun for shopping and sightseeing. The place has excellent restaurants and bars, sports stores, Mexican crafts, department stores, electronics, perfumes, etc. However, Kukulcan Plaza is one of the newest in Cancun. The place gathers local and international stores, good to buy perfumes, makeup, accessories and clothes. If you want to buy handicrafts, Mercado 28 is the best option in Cancun. For those who like visiting malls, Plaza Las Americas is ideal. The mall is in the centre of Cancun.