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06 Jul 2020

Category: Education


How Can I Learn the Filipino Language Fast? 

The Philippines, also sometimes called the Smile of Asia, is blessed with abundant natural beauty, kind and generous people and its rich heritage and culture. Comprised of about 7641 islands, this archipelago is home to over ninety ethic groups, speaking as many as 101 dialects…


Things You Need to Know About NAPLAN 

Aussie students in Years three, five, seven, and nine are taking the National Assessment Program—Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) every year. This test is a continuous part of Australia’s National Assessment Program (NAP). Your child will only take this test once every two years, and it…


How to organize time for study 

Dispose of distractions It is preferable for an individual to remove all matters that may contribute to his occupation and disable him from work, for example when studying or writing, the phone ringtone and vibration should be turned off, then closed and put away so…


Top USA Scholarships and Grants 

The number of people who apply for grants and scholarships in the United States has steadily risen in the past decade. The United States government offers financial aid to individuals who intend to perform a public purpose. Also, it provides financial assistance to talented and…