5 Most Unique and Adorable Parks in Bandung Indonesia

Ridwan Kamil has a significant effect in urban planning in Bandung Indonesia, especially since he became a Mayor of Bandung. Among his specific work in the field of gardening, be aware that Ridwan Kamil’s profession is in contact with the design of building layout to the playground. No wonder, Bandung has a beautiful plan and a lot of parks with a unique concept now. Listed below is an inventory of unique and adorable parks in Bandung that can be your reference.

  1. Barusen Hills Love Park

Barusen Hills is a popular tourist attraction in Ciwidey. The place is renowned because of its love park. The love park in Barusen Hills is very appropriate for those who are currently looking for a cute and romantic excursion. Additionally, there are love-shaped pine bridges. There is also swimming which is situated at an altitude. You must be floating there to get a different swimming sensation.

  1. Ciwidey Mushroom Park

This park does not contain flowering trees. However, the kind of pine trees in the backyard is similar to mushrooms, directly that is exceptional! This area is also referred to mushroom hill, due to its place in the contour of the uneven ground. Freshly trees and air make this spot a shame to miss with no photographs. Around the area, there is also a tea factory owned by PT. Perkebunan Nusantara VIII (PTPN VIII). The tea factory can be an alternative destination, and all tourism can be done in a fresh tea garden.

For more information, The Mushroom Park isn’t an official tourist spot, so there are no public facilities accessible here. However, you can freely enter without being charged. But even the entry is free, and please don’t waste it haphazardly.

  1. Film Park

Film Park is one of the thematic parks and public spaces situated under the Pasupati Bridge. The park has the notion of a modern open-air cinema so that citizens can move around the playground and get free movie viewing centres. The Film Park is managed by the Bandung City Parks Service and by the Bandung Film Community.

  1. Photography Park

It looks like Bandung knows quite well if today there are a lot of photographers getting post-Instagram, Facebook, etc. That’s why there is a Photography Park here, and then you don’t bother to look for the right places for photography again. All of the things that you need about photography you can find here. The location of this park is in Jalan Kemuning, Sumur Bandung, Merdeka, Bandung, Indonesia.

  1. Love Padlock Park

Love Padlock Park or Taman Gembok Cinta is actually Bandung City Hall Park. The place is called Love Padlock Park because there is Love Padlock’s Monument. However, it can be an exciting place. This monument is made of iron and ram wire with a prism shape measuring 2.5 square meters and 2 inches. On it is the red “love” letter. What makes it unique, the padlock of love in Bandung is adorned with colourful lights at night. So it’s more adorable and lovely!

Bandung has a lot of destinations for tourists, so it’s highly recommended to go there. Before you plan a trip to Bandung, be sure to read more about Bandung and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.