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23 May 2022

Category: Health


3 Benefits of Direct Primary Care

In today’s world, the healthcare insurance system is set up so that the government dictates exactly how, when, and what health services are provided to you. Regardless of the severity of your situation, the current government prioritizes the middleman (the insurance company) rather than the…


5 Tips to Prepare for Back Surgery

Wellness is a top priority for many individuals worldwide, especially the working class. However, tight schedules and other pressures from work can make it difficult to achieve your wellness goals. Sedentary lifestyles at the office and at home can riddle you with numerous back and…


Overall Well-Being: 5 Benefits Of Shamanic Healing

There are conventional and alternative ways to help people heal from various illnesses. Over the past centuries, it’s no secret how many individuals turn to shamanic healing to free them from their sickness — physically and spiritually speaking. If you’re contemplating getting help from a shaman…


Rise Above the Conventional Model of Nursing

A Registered Nurse who has taken a certificate in Transformative Nursing has become a Board Certified Nurse Coach. She integrates her nursing knowledge with coaching skills to help others make changes and grow. The training emphasizes awareness from within and external manifestation. The process of…


Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol withdrawal occurs when someone who has been drinking heavily for a long time suddenly stops. Most withdrawal symptoms are unpleasant. Alcohol is one of the drugs that can cause death during withdrawal. However, alcohol withdrawal can be safely treated. But if you want to…