Training for Space Tourism


What is that one thing that you want to do so much in your lifetime? For most people, the answer is pretty straightforward, “travel to the outer space.” This used to be a reserve of the top professionals in the most difficult disciplines, such as mathematics and cloud physics, but not any longer. 

Today, no one will even ask for your papers to be a space tourist. All you need is to meet the cost, which can run into tens of millions, being physically fit, and training. In this post, we will tell you about training and why it is so crucial when traveling to space. 

Prepare You to Move Faster and Faster

When a space shuttle blasts off the launch pad, its speed is about 100 mph, but it accelerates to 17,500 mph in less than nine minutes. Well, these are not speeds that we are used to, and it is prudent to train appropriately for them so that one does not get shocked during the flight. 

Most companies preparing to take tourists into space train their clients through simulated space flights. So, be ready to step into Nozzle-like structure run by powerful centrifuges that spin at breathtaking speeds. 

Once you are used to the experience, the first ten minutes of the launch into space, which are the roughest, will not be surprising or too difficult to handle. 

Training to Lose Weight

When you reach the outer space, there is zero-gravitational force, and you will get a sense of weightlessness. Again, this is not something that we are used to here on earth. The importance of training for weightlessness is that things can easily get out of control because you will be floating. Indeed, even moving across your space shuttle will be pretty difficult, and you need to learn how to move using ladders. 

Learn how to Do Normal Activities during the Flight

The main reason why people want to want to be space tourists is to travel with a difference. 

However, doing even normal things such as eating, taking a shower, and wearing clothes can be challenging at zero-gravitational forces. Trainers will show you how to go about doing all you need to when up there in the open space. 


Unlike when you are taking off where the bulk of the time you will be relaxing in your seat, the back trip can be rather bumpy. 

So, depending on the company that you use to travel, there are two ways of getting back; through a winged vehicle like that of Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo or through a capsule-like that of Soyuz. 

Although the winged vehicles land like an airplane on a runway while capsules descend beneath parachutes, the landing will undoubtedly be bumpy, and you need to be trained appropriately. 

If you want your space tour to be enjoyable, it is important to be prepared appropriately for it. Particularly, you need to undergo relevant training to prepare you for blazing speed at launch, weightlessness, and landing after the mission.