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20 Oct 2019

Month: October 2019


Should I consolidate my pensions? 

Most of us over our lifetime will work for a number of different employers, meaning we will likely contribute to lots of different pension schemes. It’s not always simple to keep a record of all these different plans, in particular when many of us lead…


Intelligent but not Wise? Then You Are Failing 

Intelligence is solving problems, making observations, learning and being aware of your surroundings.  Wisdom is being aware of self, knowing right from wrong, morality, avoiding mistakes, predicting future & being strong. When we try to strike the demarcation as “wisdom v/s intelligence” we will find…


LED Lighting And Color Psychology 

Interior designers carefully choose the colors of the walls of the house or furniture but often neglect the lighting tones. However, colors and lighting significantly influence our daily well-being: it is, therefore, interesting to know the different emotions that they can cause to create ideal…