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21 Nov 2019

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Top 5 Female Singers of USA 

  Songs are considered as the backbone of any movie. Everyone doesn’t possess this quality of good voice. There are many female singers who are famous not only in USA but also worldwide. The female singers in this list contain names of most famous albums…


custom lipstick boxes 

Lipsticks are the most selling cosmetic products among girls and women. From red to brown all shades per the matching of the dress are available in the market. But here a challenging and struggling issue of protective packaging is always an obstacle for the marketers….


Intelligent but not Wise? Then You Are Failing 

Intelligence is solving problems, making observations, learning and being aware of your surroundings.  Wisdom is being aware of self, knowing right from wrong, morality, avoiding mistakes, predicting future & being strong. When we try to strike the demarcation as “wisdom v/s intelligence” we will find…