Some Features Of Grsandstream IP Phones Kenya

 The communication landscape is one of the changing with the progress in VOIP technology. VoIP Phones Nairobi is the backbone of any enterprise and it is a necessity to implement with the sophisticated IP systems. This communication cost has been drastically reduced, improved business relationships with the customers, better efficiency and productivity. It is highly beneficial to upgrade the systems to VoIP Phones Nairobi based telephone systems.

Features of Grsandstream IP Phones Kenya

Grandstream has a reputation for revolutionizing IP communications across the world. It is VoIP based PBX systems, IP phones, conferencing solutions and systems, gateways and ATAS. No solutions come better than the Grsandstream IP Phones Kenya service due to the advanced features and options.


  • Call Recording


Call recording is a good feature in the Grandstream Kenya systems and it is permitting a user to record a conversation using their phone. It has call recording options record, never record, or record based on specific rules.


  • Auto-Attendant/IVR


Grandstream IP PBX systems are one of the most desired features. IVR is producing an automated message to all incoming callers.


  • Conference Rooms


Conference rooms can be controlled by an administrator and it can be password protected to avert stranger callers from accessing it. 


  • Voicemail


Voicemail is one of the most advanced features of the present telephone systems. Grandstream voicemail features enable callers to leave a voice message in the absence of a user which can be played back later. 


  • Call Forwarding


This feature has activated all calls and users will be directed to the assigned destination immediately. Calls can be forwarded to another extension, phone number, an IVR, and more.


  • Office Hours


Office Hours feature is allowing routing a call based on the time, day of the week, or month. This feature is beneficial to enterprises for diverting calls to a separate number after office hour messages or different destinations after business hours, during weekends, holidays, etc.