Retreading Tires Will Save You Money, Making Quality Tires The Best Option

Retreading of tires is a great way to both save money from your tire budget, save the environment and utilize your high quality tires during a longer time. It almost sounds too good to be true, but it is very possible. If you purchase a high quality tire, you can then retread them when the tread has worn out. You do however need to have a carcass that is still in good condition when the tire has worn out its original tread. This is why it is important to make sure that you have sufficient tire pressure in your tires, so that you don’t damage the tires while driving. 

Bus and truck tires can be quite costly as you have so many tires; so being able to save money on the tires is always welcome for business owners. You do however have to start with costlier high quality truck tires. These tires do however; have lower rolling resistance, so you will save fuel as you drive. The wear is also lower, so you will not have to change tires as often, which saves money in terms of service life and you don’t have to spend time for tire change. 

When the high quality tire has reached a tread depth below the limit for change, then if the carcass is good you can have the tires retreaded by a qualified dealer, the whole process is similar to producing a new tire and is carefully controlled by authorities. Since tires are safety products, the quality if of the essence to ensure that the tires are as safe as new ones. You can make a cost saving of up to 50% with retreaded tires, if you retread you carcass two times. Based on your whole fleet of buses or trucks, this is massive.

It is also great for the environment to reuse the carcass that would otherwise have to be recycled. Each retreaded tire saves 40 kg of rubber compared to a new tire, which is massive. In addition 70 liters of unrenewable oil is also saved for each tire. Since a tire can be retreaded twice the savings accumulate. So for a full rig these savings are drastic. You also save 180kg of CO2 when using a retreaded tire versus a new tire. You might now wish that you could retread more than twice. 

The evidence is clear why you should buy high quality tires and reuse the carcass and do tire recycling colorado springs co. The question might be if it is so good, why doesn’t everyone do it. Well, in the Nordics 2 out of 3 bus and truck tires sold are retreaded, which proves that this is a viable solution to reduce your fleets tire costs while at the same time having a significant environmental impact without jeopardizing the safety of your drivers, passengers or cargo, while still delivering it safely on time.

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