How to Manage Online Reviews Across the Web and Social Media

These days one of the most important tools that any business has are reviews. There are so many places where these reviews and feedback can be posted, which is why you need to know how you should be managing them. The fact is that you need the customers to be able to see your business as one that is trustworthy and that is liked when it comes to them choosing to work with you. Here is everything that one must know about managing online reviews on various social media platforms and across the internet.

Ask for Reviews

When you know that your customer is satisfied you should make sure that you are asking them for their feedback and a review. This is something that you need to be doing and if you need to, then offer some sort of incentive to get the reviews. This might mean giving them a small discount on their next purchase, but make sure that you are asking each and every customer. The more customers who post positive reviews regarding their dealings with you, then the more likely others who see this feedback will be to choose you to work with.

Respond, Respond, Respond

Another thing that you are going to ensure that you are doing is responding to each and every review that you are getting. Even if it is a positive review you are going to want to thank the customer and tell them you are looking forward to being able to serve them again. Also, when it comes to a negative one make sure that you are getting all of the required information, including their contact details to solve the problem. When the customer sees this effort and any follow-up information, then they are going to be more likely to trust you.

Stay Professional

You would also want to ensure that when you are responding to the feedback that you are staying professional. You need to respond in this manner no matter what type of feedback you were given, especially when it was negative. The customer is going to be looking at what you are saying and how you are responding, so make sure that they see that you are professional. The best way to handle these types of situations is to deal with it off the record and without everyone being able to see it, so contact the individual who gave the feedback to see what you can do.


Go ahead and set yourself some reminders on a daily basis so that you can check the various forums and listings where the feedback can be given. You want to respond to the feedback as quickly as possible so that you can see what the customers are saying regardless of if it is negative or even positive. You can see what is being said about the competition and implementing this into your own business, which can help to keep your customers coming back and to earn new ones. You might not think that you should be watching the internet and social media sites for what is being said, but it would be wrong of you not to be aware of what others are saying.

Following Up

If there are customers who had a bad experience with your business, then you not only need to make sure that you are responding to the review, but that you are following up with it. Ensure that you let the potential customers see that you are trying to fix the problem and offer whatever is required to get them to come back. Ask that if they are satisfied after the negative review that they post another one to let them know you fixed the issue so others can see that you have done this and that it has improved.

These are just a few of the main ways that you can manage all of the reviews that are being posted about your company on the internet and even on social media sites. You should ensure that you are keeping an eye on exactly what is being said and that you are responding to all of the feedback. Also, ensure that you are responding in a professional manner regardless of what is being said and that you are following up on all negative issues. Still you have a doubt, connect with online reputation management services provider!