Hostel accommodation has soared in popularity in the last few years. One of the main reasons of their prominence is a rapid influx of students or professionals for better opportunities. In the choice of best hostels in Delhi some pointers you have to consider are.

Laundry room

A convenient option to have at a hostel. Some might even go on to provide valet service where hostel staff do take care of things as they offer facilities to wash your own clothes. In either way you need a place to take care of your dirty clothes rather than stepping out with a bag full of untidy clothes. The luxury hostels in Delhi are equipped with washer along with dryer. This could seem redundant but some hostels provide both of the services.

Common area

People who stay in a hostel like to mingle around with people, but all of them do not have their own guest bars. So the best place to strike chord with your guests is a common room. Look for a hostel that has a decent enough common area with a TV screen and even some movies to watch. There are some hostels that provide an option to choose from a wide range of DVDs.

Kitchen facilities

One of the main reasons of staying in a hostel is to save on your accommodations. To save money on lunch or dinner is a better way to hang around with people. Any hostel that provides a decent kitchen where you can cook your means is a good option. Yes you are not going to take all your meal in but it does help you save money on the accommodation front. There are some hostels that provide rice and other food items that can come in handy.

Reception round the clock

This ceases to be a useful service especially when you are not arriving at regular hours. If you are going at night and have to carry a hostel key with you that is certainly not suggested. A nice feeling exists when you are aware that someone is there to assist you at any time of the day. The friendly staff with a smile on their face would address all queries. More details about the type of services about a hostel can be found on its review page.

Access to internet facilities

For any hostel this is a must. Any place that you want to see can be found out from the internet. Even to establish communication with your loved ones at home you need a reliable internet connection. PC or laptops are a better option but you can access internet from your smartphone. Some of the hostels go on to provide desktop computers that is very useful.

Nothing is for sure shot that a stay in a hostel would be great and things might go as per your plan. The above list is formulated keeping in mind the services that you can expect from a hostel. In fact the task of choosing a hostel is made relatively easier if you follow the above tips.