The year 2019 has been of much significance to the people of Ontario. For the first time. The Government allowed the e-scooters legally on the road. Although, within five days, there has been a ban on the use of it. So people can’t even park the scooter on the road. However, the initial law encourages every person o use the electronic scooter, which will reduce the pollution level to a considerable extent. But there are some rules which you have to maintain while driving thee scooters. 

Know the rules

A very common question regarding te electronic scooters is that, Are Electric Scooters Legal in Ontario?  Well, the first criterion to drive the scooter is to be above the age of 16 years. Without a helmet, you should never try to ride the scooter. It is the best protection in case, and you meet with an accident. It will prevent the possibility of massive head injury. Horn is mandatory in every scooter, although it is unnecessary to honk it all the time while you are driving. There must also be the front end light as well as the rear end light to act as indicators. 

Safety requirements

The manufacturers of the electronic scoters also have some responsibility. The weight of the transport should not cross a particular level. The maximum weight of the scooter will include that of the vehicle as well as the battery. The electrical terminals must have complete coverings. There will be two brake systems. Also, there will be a maximum level of power output, which usually cannot cross the threshold level of 500Watts. Another thing is, do not try to remove the pedals from the electronic scooter. Without the pedals, the Government won’t consider the vehicle to be battery-operated transport. Removal of the pedal will make the scooter illegal immediately on the roads.