Classic Irons and Curling bars: Differences and Effects That Can Be Achieved

Hi everyone. If you have medium or long hair, and you always like to give your head a bit of movement, surely you have used a curling wand at least once. We know, there are so many types, shapes and sizes, and using them always requires a bit of attention, both to avoid getting burned, and to get the desired effect. But, how many and what are they? Today, we will see two in particular which resemble each other in form but, give a different effect to the hair.

Curling Iron: classic type with a metal Tong

When we think of a curling iron, we all think of a metal bar that works only when heated to high temperatures, around which locks of hair are rolled, to obtain curls or more or less defined waves. But, if you follow some tutorials on the web, or simply love seeing the various effects on actresses and models’ hair, you will notice that these famous waves are never the same, and that they vary from head to head. If you need that shiny, and wavy form of curly hair, but in different formats, you must use a good quality hair curling wand which gives you the desire effect. You can buy GHD curling wandonline to get your favorite curly hair design in no time.

What features does it have?

This type of iron has very specific characteristics and, regardless of its size and its diameter, has an element that distinguishes them from all others – a kind of ‘lever’, a metal bar that lifts and closes, allowing the hair to anchor perfectly to the iron. This lever also allows you not to have to hold the strand of hair that you want to work with the other hand, because in fact it will be able to hold the portion of hair alone.

Usually this type of iron is held with the hand leaving its base down, so also the end with the electric cable. In a nutshell, it is used vertically in this way, and can be rolled either clockwise or counterclockwise. For convenience, you can also fit your strand into the iron by locking the tip. Once this is done, roll up and go up the rest of the lock, which will inevitably end up on the lever, which will be well closed.

Modern Curl wand: with roller tom be more creative

Surely you have heard ‘curling wand’, or a bar that curls your hair, and that at first you could be confused with the classic iron. In reality, this tool is quite different, at least for three reasons. Let’s start with its features. The GHD curve wand bars have a free body from any ‘lever’. They can be in tourmaline, steel or ceramic like the most classic irons, but in any case they have no other pieces around. In short, they are just simple bars.

What effect does it have?

Depending on the diameter, the effect on the hair changes. If you choose a very narrow type of iron, you will get very defined and tight curls. If instead one chooses a larger one, it will have ringlets or softer waves, but always rather defined. If you roll the whole lock of hair, from the base to the hairline, you will have a full and voluminous effect. If you only limit yourself to the ends of your hair, you will get a more voluminous effect only in the lower part, from mid-head down.

The effect obtained with this bar is that of a more natural and saucy wave, the one that the Americans call ‘loose’. In short, not a definite and round mouth, a perfect spiral. All clear right? But, what features does it have and what kind of waves do you get?

If you need creativity, bet on curly bar wand

To accentuate medium-wavy effect, you must hold the ends of the various strands that you are going to wrap on the bar with two fingers. So as to ‘pull’ the portions of hair a little, and make it lose that slight initial definition, even when you move it away from the heat. In this way you can have wavy but not hairy or romantic hair, but rather a dynamic and super trendy head, even with shorter hair. In short, if you want get creative hair curling, bet on GHD curve creative curl wand.

We hope you enjoy this mini-guide. It is always suggested to buy grooming accessories online because there you will get huge collections of materials. Above all, according to your budget. Before purchasing, have a complete look in the website. There are various types of curl and straight wands be it classic iron rod with ceramic plates, roller and curler, etc. always choose the product according to your need.