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24 Sep 2021

Category: Food


Why Potato Pancakes?

Lots of people have heard of a potato donut, but have you heard of potato pancakes? If you are ready to try the best pancake of your life, keep reading. The potato pancake is a typically sweet confectionary made from our special recipe mix and…


5 Best Pie Flavors

Apple Though not as complex as lemon meringue or coconut cream pie, Apple pie was ranked as America’s favorite pie in 2018. What is it about apple pie that is so appealing? Is it the crunch of the apples themselves or the contrast of tart…


How To Clean Green Mountain Grill

If you use your grill more or less, it’s vital to keep your grill clean. But cleaning is so annoying thing to do. You will hardly find someone who loves cleaning everything. But when it is necessary enough, you have to do it even if…


How do you plan alcohol for a party?

While it may look like an easy task, planning alcohol for parties has its difficulties. You want to be specific about the alcohol volume, brand, and quantity. Also, you’ll be looking at the type of alcohol. Beers are a go-to alcoholic beverage for any party;…

How to Make Milk Kefir

Milk kefirs, when consumed improve immunity and bone health. This fermented mixture is cultured from dairy milk or non-dairy replacements are available as well. Immunity is an important factor amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Our health is more important than ever. The origin of kefir grains…