1P Per Hour Electric Heaters Argos

1p per hour electric heaters argos


With the unpredictable weather in the UK, finding an efficient and economical heating solution is of paramount importance for many households. Argos, as one of the UK’s top retail chains, offers a range of electric heaters. But can you really find a heater that runs at the much-sought-after 1p per hour rate? This article delves deep into the “1p per hour electric heaters Argos” claims and reviews the heaters’ efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall performance.

Understanding the ‘1p per Hour’ Claim

Many manufacturers and retailers tout the ‘1p per hour’ operating cost for their electric heaters. It’s based on the average energy usage and the standard energy tariff rates. To put things into perspective, a heater with a power rating of about 100 watts, when running for 10 hours, would consume approximately 1 kWh (kilowatt-hour). With the UK’s average electricity tariff, this could translate roughly to 1p per hour. However, it’s essential to note that actual consumption and costs can vary depending on the heater’s efficiency and local tariff rates.

Argos Electric Heaters: A Closer Look

Argos offers a plethora of electric heaters, each designed to cater to a different set of needs:

  1. Fan Heaters: Typically compact and portable, they provide quick warmth. While their running cost might exceed 1p per hour, they are meant for short bursts rather than prolonged usage.
  2. Oil-filled Radiators: Though they take time to heat up, once they do, they can retain and radiate warmth for extended periods. These heaters often come closer to the 1p per hour claim, especially the ones with thermostatic controls.
  3. Convection Heaters: These are adept at heating enclosed spaces rapidly. Their cost-efficiency is mid-ranged.

Features to Consider for Cost-Efficiency

When searching through Argos’s vast catalogue, here are the features you should be on the lookout for if you’re aiming for that 1p per hour running cost:

  • Thermostatic Controls: Heaters with this feature adjust their output based on ambient temperature, ensuring they don’t overwork and waste energy.
  • Timers: Being able to set your heater to switch off automatically can prevent unnecessary usage, keeping costs down.
  • Energy Rating: Look for heaters with a higher energy efficiency rating, as these models typically utilise electricity more effectively.


  • Q: How accurate is the ‘1p per hour’ claim for Argos heaters?

    • A: While some heaters might approximate this rate under optimal conditions, real-world usage can vary. Always consider heater efficiency and your energy tariff.
  • Q: Can all electric heaters from Argos achieve this running cost?

    • A: No. The running cost depends on the heater’s power rating, efficiency, and usage pattern.
  • Q: How do I calculate the running cost of a heater?

    • A: Multiply the heater’s power (in kW) by your electricity tariff rate. This gives the cost per hour.


The allure of the “1p per hour electric heaters Argos” claim is strong, especially for those looking for budget-friendly heating solutions. While not all heaters will achieve this exact cost, by choosing wisely and considering efficiency features, you can come close. Always remember to factor in your own usage habits and local energy prices when calculating potential costs.