5 Gift Ideas to Bring Home for Your Teens When Travelling

If you’ve ever travelled anywhere without your kids – whether it’s for business or leisure – you know that they’re going to expect you to bring some presents back for them and might even send you off with a wish list. If you need some ideas for these presents from abroad, we’ve got you covered. Read on for a few ideas.

A T-Shirt with Some Local Significance

You could get a classic t-shirt featuring the city or country’s name you’re going to, or you could dig a bit deeper and find something of more significance to the area. Particularly if you’re looking to buy something for an older teenager, you could opt for a band t-shirt or other merch from a local band. An AC/DC t-shirt makes a great gift if you’re visiting Australia, as does a Beatles shirt from a visit to Liverpool in England. You can even search a site like backstageoriginals.com from your hotel room before visiting their bricks and mortar store in Notting Hill.

Local Arts and Crafts

Local markets and craft shops are filled with locally inspired crafts, pottery, jewellery and other items inspired by the region. Particularly if you’re travelling somewhere that has a deep cultural history, these items will be more meaningful. If you’re visiting an African city, for example, traditional beaded jewellery would make a wonderful gift for a teenage girl – and you might even find something in these local markets for your partner!

A Selection of Local Snacks

Everyone loves sampling foods and snacks from different regions that aren’t available where they live. All you need is a trip to a local supermarket’s snack aisle and you’ll find many options. Chips, candy and even savoury foods that are famous in the region are all excellent gifts. Don’t be afraid to ask a local to help you choose things that are iconic to their region so you can bring home a taste of where you’ve been. Pack in a few less pleasant-sounding local delicacies that wouldn’t be considered normal food where you live too because the family will have a laugh trying them.

A Traditional Toy from the Region

For younger members of the family, a traditional toy or game from the region is a great option. The boomerang from Australia, spinning tops from Mexico or a kendama from Japan are all great examples of local toys. Visit a local toy store and ask them to help you find something more traditional from their wares.

Gadgets and Gizmos 

If all else fails, you can never go wrong bringing home the latest gadget or gizmo that is in favour at the moment. Teens love technology! Just make sure before you buy it that it will work properly back home, whether that means that the right voltages and plugs are available or that the relevant app is available in your home region’s app store.

Thankfully, teens are quite easy to buy for, and if you know what they like, it’s even easier to find something to bring home for them from your travels.