The Original Creators’ Appreciation of Doujin

Everyone knows that a Doujinshi is a type of self-published magazine in which a Doujin takes numerous popular characters and displays them sexually or otherwise than the original. This new trend has a large number of followers and is widely accepted by people all around the world. You might assume that taking the characters’ original creators’ characters and presenting them in a different way would be a problem, but that is not the case. There are no issues with the original creators, and there are reasons for this.


Respect is the most crucial factor; the creators have a lot of respect for the Doujin because they were in similar situations at the start of their careers. They believe Doujinshi is the first step toward becoming professionals, and that it will be extremely beneficial in the near future. It has also been noted that because the professionals are aware of the genuine struggle that goes into making comic and cartoon publications, they do not interfere with the Doujin and allow them to use their original characters as content.

Maintaining a Decent Standing

All publishers and artists are terrified of going to court because they fear alienating their own customer base. The Doujin and their Doujinshi are thought to be the most ardent and popular admirers of the original cartoons. As a result, punishing them in front of the entire globe may damage the inventors’ reputation. You might claim that discouraging and destroying the Doujinshi can hurt the industry’s and market’s original creators.


Doujin’s work is now well-known throughout the world, and it is adored by the majority of people. To put it another way, Doujinshi has gained popularity among comic book fans, and borrowing original characters to create a Doujinshi has been a regular and popular practise in recent years. Many well-known cartoon characters, such as Mikey Mouse, Batman, Superman, and others, are used to create honest Doujinshi, which are extremely popular around the world.

Doujinshi is primarily seen as a parody.

Everyone knows that parodies are basically a different storyline to อ่านการ์ตูนโป๊ with the original characters from a series. Similarly, Doujinshi is a type of work that employs original cartoon characters from a variety of series in novel ways. A parody of any film or television series is not deemed illegal, and Doujinshi follows the same guideline. It is also lawful, and no one has a vendetta against it.

Advertisement Is Free

If you think at it a little differently, you can see how these Doujinshi releases provide free advertisement for various anime or cartoon shows. Because the Doujinshi feature original cartoon characters, it’s clear that these characters are reaching a wider audience through these Doujinshi, yet the original creators and publishers don’t have to pay a dime. Many publishers in Japan utilise these Doujinshi to promote their own original series for free.