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02 Jul 2022

Author: Alison Lurie


5 Best PC Games of 2022

The gaming industry is enormous, with a global worth of over $2 billion, and it’s climbing steadily year on year. A large reason for the huge success is the advancement of technology and the stream of high-quality games hitting the shelves. Throughout this article, we…

Home Improvement

Slab Leak Detection and Repair

Fixing minor plumbing problems, such as a leaking faucet, or unclogging the kitchen sink, is often a DIY project for savvy homeowners. While minor leaks from plumbing fixtures are manageable for most homeowners, slab leaks are more complicated and can go undetected for weeks or…


What Does SBIRT Stand For?

SBIRT is a full-service mental health approach that aims toward preventing and intervening with substance abuse disorders. Substance use disorders, otherwise referred to as SUDs, are diagnosed using four criteria: impaired control, social problems, risky use, and physical dependence. The SBIRT process analyzes the situation…