Nowadays people spend more time on their smartphones. However, this is not entirely for relaxation. Various aspects of life have made their home in the digital space and a smartphone is an express train to reach any part of life. This includes communication, news, e-commerce, etc. Smartphones are a tool to help you manage life, so it is no surprise that every insurance company launches its own application worth its salt. Aware of the wide range of smartphones, insurance companies are using mobile apps as an additional channel for interaction with their policyholders.

But people are naturally wondering what insurance apps can be used for and what the future holds for a health insurance app in India. With seamless integration between mobile apps, insurance companies’ CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and core insurance application systems, experts hope the health insurance app can do a great job of resolving customer doubts. This means that they effectively reduce the cost and effort of negotiations between policyholders and the insurance provider. 

ILTakeCare app

ICICI Lombard GIC is one of the leading general insurance providers in the country. As an effort to serve their customers better, they offer the ILTakeCare app. This app gives customers access to a 24×7 qualified MBBS physician, where each user can call medical professional to discuss any health issues. ICICI Lombard is known as one of the most trusted general insurance providers and that trust enables them to offer greater services to their customers. The ILTakeCare health assistance app is a unique and reliable solution to daily health problems and insurance needs.

Features of ILTakeCare app

  • Always accessible

In any instance of sickness like a mild fever or an occasional allergic reaction, most of us feel filled with fear and anxiety. However, the Hello Doctor facility for tele-consultation for customers on the IL TechCare app allows us to access the 24×7 MBBS Doctor without having to answer the question of whether it is large or small. This is especially helpful in the current era where even minor health issues can create unwanted stress. All fo these features are available at any time of the day. So you do not have to wait to book an appointment or wait for the clinic to open up. 

  • Tele-consultation

The ILTakeCare app provides tele-consultation with a physician while ensuring that there a great combination of healthcare and convenience. The app offers two tele-consultation calls for those experiencing any health issues. The doctor will then diagnose your case based on the symptoms and can assist you with digital prescriptions if needed.

  • Additional features

While these features are available to everyone, the ILTakeCare app has many features for policyholders, especially nowadays. The app ensures ICICI Lombard policyholders have a one-stop solution for their health, motor, travel insurance, and wellness needs. Features like diet and exercise tracking, step count along with sleep hours, Online Chat with Nutritionists and Fitness Experts, Second Opinion on Health Related Questions, Claim Notification in App, etc. This is the perfect place to track your insurance and health needs. These add-ons make ICICI Lombard’s ILTakeCare wellness app a one-stop tool for all insurance and wellness holders.


All of these features in the ILTakeCare app will definitely help all of us to stay a little safer and healthier against any health issues. The value of being healthy has been high in recent times and the fact that we can combat the disease from the safety and convenience of our homes is comforting, even though we may not eliminate the possibility of falling ill. If you know anyone who can benefit from this quick and easy consultation, download the app from the App Store or Play Store.

For all your insurance & wellness needs, download ICICI Lombard’s ILTakeCare App, from Playstore & Appstore today.