Knowing Your Health Insurance Policy: What is the Policy Number?

To effectively use your health insurance plan, one of the most important things you should know about is the policy number. From filing a claim to policy renewal, you will need to use your policy number in many situations. Read this post to know what it is and what are its common uses.

Now that you have finally purchased health insurance and received the policy brochure, it’s time for you to know all the essential things you should check in the policy documents. To start with, you should first understand what the policy number is.

Along with your personal details and the name of the plan, the policy number is one of the first things mentioned in policy documents. The same can also be found on the policy card included in the brochure. So, what is this policy number? What are its uses? Let us have a look-

What is the Policy Number of a Health Insurance Plan?

The policy number is a 10-12 digit alpha-numeric code given to every policyholder by the insurance provider. Every policyholder is assigned a unique policy number which remains the same throughout the period your policy remains active.

Moving forward, this policy number will play a very important role in all your online and offline communications with the insurance provider.

What is the Use of Policy Number?

Here are some of the most important uses of policy number-

  • Filing a Claim: In case of a medical emergency, you can take advantage of the cashless hospitalisation facility of your insurance provider if you are admitted to one of their network hospitals. The insurance department at the hospital will require you to provide your policy number along with other details like the name of the insurance provider to file your claim.
  • Policy Renewal: Most insurance providers now allow you to renew your health insurance online. If you’d like to renew your health policy, you can visit the official website of your insurance provider and initiate the renewal process by entering the policy number. It is only with the help of your policy number that the system will be able to fetch your policy details.
  • Quick Customer Support: In case of any queries with regards to your health plan, you can always get in touch with the support team of your insurance provider. This can either be done online or offline. No matter what method you select, you will be required to provide your policy number first. The support executive will need the policy number to provide the required details or assistance.

Do You Need to Remember Your Policy Number?

While you are not required to remember your policy number, make sure that you always carry your health insurance policy card with you. Create a few copies of your policy card and give them to your family members.

This will ensure that they can provide the required details to the hospital or the support department of the insurance provider if required in case of a medical emergency.

Policy Number and Health Insurance

As you can see, the policy number has multiple uses and is one of the most important things to know in your policy. Keep all the information mentioned above in mind to make sure that you can use your health insurance in the best way possible.