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27 Oct 2021

Day: October 7, 2021


3 Gift Ideas for Your Sister

Finding a great gift for your sister often means looking for something practical that she’ll use yet still enjoy receiving. For some siblings, this may greatly reduce the list of ideas they may have had, especially when they’ve been giving their sister some of the…


Frozen Shrimp

Are you avoiding frozen shrimp, opting instead for the fresh shrimp sold at the grocery butcher counter? It’s time to take a moment to reconsider that option. The truth is that most of the shrimp we buy, unless we’re purchasing from the shrimper themselves or…


After School Snacks

Kids across the country are heading back to school, which means they’ll soon be heading home in the afternoons hungry. Shoes come off, backpacks drop, and the cry “what can I eat?!” soon follows. There’s an art to the after-school snack. It needs to be…