Frozen Shrimp

Are you avoiding frozen shrimp, opting instead for the fresh shrimp sold at the grocery butcher counter? It’s time to take a moment to reconsider that option. The truth is that most of the shrimp we buy, unless we’re purchasing from the shrimper themselves or very close to it, is or has been frozen. Yes, that’s correct; the “fresh” shrimp behind the counter has actually been frozen and thawed. For that reason, you’ll likely be much happier with the taste and texture of frozen shrimp that you buy and defrost yourself when you’re ready to use it. That’s also why many of the packaged prepared shrimp options from companies like SeaPak are so delicious and versatile. They add signature seasonings, breadings, and sauces prior to freezing sustainable shrimp to create flavors and tastes that everyone loves.

Cooking Frozen Shrimp makes a perfect starting place for a variety of simple meals. Consider the following ideas:


Taco Tuesday becomes extra special when you start with popcorn shrimp. Add a crunchy Mexican slaw and a creamy avocado sauce to create everyone’s new favorite taco. Serve with black beans and grilled pineapple. Yum.


You can toss crispy popcorn shrimp into pretty much any salad. It adds flavor, texture, and protein. Try it with a Cobb salad, your favorite Asian salad, or even a hearty autumn salad filled with apples and nuts.


Pasta and shrimp are an ideal combination. Shrimp scampi is an obvious place to start, with its mouthwatering garlic butter sauce. But that’s not your only option. Try tossing popcorn shrimp into mac and cheese to add a note of sophistication to an otherwise simple dish. Or what about a pasta primavera made with fresh spring veggies and SeaPak’s delicious frozen Shrimp scampi?


Sandwiches are an easy weeknight meal. Jumbo butterfly shrimp added to a BLT is amazing, as is a creamy shrimp salad made from popcorn shrimp. Beer battered shrimp on a toasty bun with a malt vinegar slaw is a great substitute for a burger and adding popcorn shrimp to avocado toast makes this favorite worthy of any easy weeknight meal.

Shrimp for Dinner

Put frozen shrimp on your dinner menu this week. The possibilities are endless. With a box or two of healthy, sustainable, versatile frozen shrimp in your freezer, you can have delicious, family-friendly meals on the table in no time at all.

Looking for something new and interesting to serve your family? Try frozen shrimp today.