Why you, the layman should use a gaming mouse for work?

A gaming mouse is a normal computer mouse that has a number of key features, and advantages intended only for online video games, sports, and competitions which normally the other mice do not have. These mice stand out above all for their designs that are usually totally different from those in common use. Many have side lights and buttons.

The main features to consider when choosing a mouse are the following:

Shape and ergonomics – There are 3 basic types of mice, Palm, claw and hybrid. What you should keep in mind in comfort in each one, since you will spend countless hours using it.

  • Palm – Is one in which the hand rests on the entire surface of the mouse. Gamers who use this type of grip prefer a large and ergonomic mouse gamer so that the hand does not suffer during long hours of gaming.
  • Claw – In which the hand is suspended on the mouse forming a kind of claw with the hand. These models are usually smaller and more agile.
  • Hybrid – It is a mixture of the previous two. Most mouse gamer on the market are valid for these players, although they will always opt for the one they feel most comfortable with.

The weight – A light mouse gamer is just as good as a heavy one, but most players prefer something lighter such as Razer gaming mouse to fly from one point of the screen to another.

DPI or dots per inch – Determines the sensitivity of the mouse, influencing, above all, the accuracy. Experienced gamers recommend using one with a 4000 DPI.

Buttons – The number of buttons is one of the signs that differentiates a traditional mouse from a gamer. Especially useful for games such as MMORPG, and those models that also allow you to configure these buttons are preferable, avoiding certain functions from the keyboard and, accelerating the mechanism.

Optical sensor and laser sensor – Optical mice use a led sensor which detects the changes that occur on the surface, are very common in the market and therefore are cheaper. Laser mice usually have a fairly high price compared to an optical mouse, since they make use of a laser sensor that recognizes with high precision the surface on which it is used.

Why laser gamming mouse?

These mice have many advantages compared to the traditional ones. So if you want to become a professional in the world of video games you should buy great gaming mouse for gamers from https://www.razer.com/gaming-mice, and know their main advantages and start being an expert.