Why spring is the best time to buy new windows and doors?


People say there is a season for everything and they are right! Window professionals can install windows under any condition but there are some times of the year when window replacement works better. For instance, usually homeowners want to avoid appointments during winter. The last thing they wish for is to expose their house to extreme winter conditions. However, here are some of the reasons why windows and doors in Edmonton are replaced in spring. Take a look:

Warm and good

Temperature plays a major role in the installation of doors and windows. So, if you want to plan your installation for a mild season such as spring, then it will keep your house more comfortable and warm and your heating or cooling bill will not shoot up during the installation. As the weather is mild in spring, there will be no delay in the installation. Cold weather may make it difficult for the installation team to function efficiently. The weather conditions may obstruct the installers to properly remove the old doors and install the new ones. So, spring is an ideal climate for new doors and windows installation.

Better caulking

Caulk sticks well with warmer climates. The ideal temperature for latex caulk is somewhere between 40 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. However, you can apply silicone caulking in cold climates, but the installers should warm it a little before applying. Extreme cold weather makes caulking brittle and hard. And extreme hot weather may prevent it from curing properly. Hence spring is an ideal time for caulking new windows.

Movement substrate

There are a few window materials in Singapore which expand and contract with heat and cold like vinyl and aluminum window grilles. So, when you install and caulk windows while it is very hot, it will contract during the cold weather and the seal could break. It may not happen with everyone, but you will still be at risk.

Quicker finish times

Because of higher demand during peak season, it takes more time for windows to arrive. Contractors are booked jam-packed which means you may have to reschedule appointments and you may be late by several weeks. However, if you want a quicker installation with low stress, you should get it in during spring and not fall.

Better light and moisture level

Mild temperature makes spring so conducive to replace sash windows. While autumns are also mild, they are wet. If you need the right light, temperature and dry condition, then spring will offer you all the advantages. It offers longer days for efficient working.

Great time to enjoy the renovation

If you get your doors and windows replaced before fall, you will possibly see cold and snow outside. You cannot fling open your doors and windows. But during spring and then summer, you can get all the fresh and good breeze inside your house anytime you want. You can also watch your garden come to life in the spring.

So, I would recommend you to install your windows and doors in Edmonton in Spring. Window Mart offers you the best range of doors and windows. You can purchase the material you want.