5 reasons to get vinyl wrap for your car

If you want to customize your car, then going for a car wrap could be a great option for you. Wrapping your car may sound unconventional but it offers number of benefits:

Some reasons to get vinyl wrap for your car are:

They are customizable

As all car wraps are custom made as per the taste and preference of every individual and can be designed using any color, image or pattern, you have more and more people choosing to wrap their vehicles rather than getting a paint job. Selecting a customized car wrap gives you the freedom to get a completely unique car.

With paint you are limited to customization options but with wraps, your options are limitless. If you want to change it, you can do it more frequently and easily in comparison to a paint job.

It protects the paint of your car and adds to its resale value

Vinyl car wraps function as an additional layer of protection for your car against small dents, chips and damage from harmful sun rays. Vinyl wraps protect the paint of your car and keep its resale value intact. It helps you avoid paying for any minor repairs to the paint.

As wrapping your car protects the original factory paint of the car, you have a new-like car when you are planning to sell it. While a paint job may detract the value of the car, a wrap protects its original paint and enhances its value at the time of sale.

They are easily removable

A major pros of vinyl wrap is that it can be removed without causing any damage to the underlying paint. Car wraps can be replaced any time, so you can adjust according to your needs and preference and change the exterior look of your car more often.

They are budget-friendly

In comparison to custom paint jobs, car wraps are very cost-effective. A full car wrap doesn’t just allow you to change the exterior of your car but also enhances its overall resale value. Wraps have a life of 3 to 5 years, but you can take them down sooner if you want a new look for your car. The cost and quality of wraps are consistent and cost-effective.

Minimal downtime

While a custom paint job may take days or weeks for preparing, priming and drying between coats depending on the quality and complication of the task, a custom wrap can be installed in a day or two. 

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, it is also easier to take care of wraps in comparison to paint. A wrap will stay bright and shining with simple soap and water wash. You can use custom sprays and coatings for better protection of the wraps. If you live in Edmonton and you are looking forward to car wrap Edmonton, then First Detailing is your one-stop solution. You have endless color and finish options to choose from. Check out the different finishes available right from gloss to semi-gloss and matte.