Why metal roofs are the most durable roofing materials?

If you are planning to go for metal roofing for your house, then it is essential to compare the pros and cons of the material against the other roofing materials. Metal beats conventional roofing materials such as asphalt, wood and tile in several ways. Some of them are given below:

Life expectancy: A well-installed metal roof will last as long as the house, sealing any water leakage, surviving extreme weather conditions and resisting fire, growth of mold and mildew and more. Warranties differ but usually companies offer 20-50 years of warranty. The paint finished however have a limited warranty period. 

Weight: In comparison to the weight of tile i.e. 750 pounds per square or concrete tile i.e. 900 pounds per square, metal roofs are pretty light in weight. Usually the variants run from 50 to 200 pounds per square.

As they are so light in weight, you can save some money on engineering and construction of the support structure. Some metal roofing materials may be applied over an existing roof without any tearing down of the previous roof or any extra structure support.

Easy to install: Usually metal roofing material is available in several-single sections or 12 to36 inch tiles. The metal roofing constructors in Alberta can easily install them quickly. If your roof has been stripped in a storm, then this shortened period will give you a great advantage. Obviously it will also save your labor cost.

Fire resistant: As metal is non-combustible, they usually have Class A fire rating. It majorly depends on the material used below the metal sheet. Usually top quality metal roofs have non-combustible material which gives them a Class A rating.

Heat conduction: Metal reflect the rays of the sun and lower midday heat gain. It saves your air-conditioning cost in the day time. You can install metal roof over rigid-foam insulation to minimize heat transfer and enhance energy efficacy.

Minimum roof pitch: Metal roofing materials can be installed well on pitched roofs without any leakage. 

Easy shedding of snow and rain: Metal roof is impervious to snow and rain because of the interlock design of the panels. This makes the surface slippery and hard. Also, dark tone of metal roof easily warm in the snow and haste snow melt.

Metal roof is the most durable material

Asphalt, being a petroleum product starts depreciating because of heat and other weather conditions, right from the time it gets installed. This is why a composition shingle rood lasts for 10-20 years, especially if you have scorching heats and violent storms.

But metal roof comes with an expected life of 50-70 years or even more! According to AMT metal roofing, both steel and standing seams are called lifetime roofing systems because when the roof is rightly installed, you may never feel the need to replace it.

While the other roofing systems deteriorate over time because of tearing, cracking, lifting, curling, splitting, buckling or blistering, metal roofs are resistant to all these damages.