The Down and Dirty on-Air Duct Cleaning and Maintenance

You likely see a lot of HVAC company advertisements touting air duct cleaning services which brings forth the questions, “Is this service necessary, and if so, how often?” The truth is that whether your air ducts need cleaning and when depend on a multiplicity of factors.

  • How often the HVAC system is used
  • The age and size of the structure
  • The frequency of air filter changes and the type used
  • Indoor air quality

In most cases of moderate use and decent air quality (e.g. no smoking or harsh pollution), an HVAC company recommends cleaning every three to five years. That being said, let’s delve into the expert’s recommendations concerning why and when air duct maintenance is needed.

Why Air Duct Cleaning and Maintenance is Essential

Beyond pro recommendations, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends having a duct cleaning or maintenance scheduled if:

  • Substantial mold has formed on any segments of HVAC systems.
  • There are any signs of pest infestations such as insects or rodents.
  • Accumulated debris such as mold or dust are excessive within the air ducts.

When unattended to, harmful particulates will cycle through the ducts and into air breathed by occupants. While not necessarily harmful to your health, any existing respiratory health concerns can be exacerbated.

Having Air Duct Problems? Call an HVAC Company

If you have had your ducts cleaned recently and are routinely changing filters and still have poor indoor air quality or see signs of particulates in the air, you might have a bigger problem.

Let a professional from a local HVAC company do an inspection to determine any underlying culprits like gaps in ducts or compromises. They’ll help you find resolutions and help restore your system to optimal functionality so you can breathe easier.