Even a small dose of steroids can boost your athletic performance. It is said that if the steroids are injected weekly for at least a period of 10 weeks, you will notice a big increase in the performance. The performance is enhanced just after three-week dosage.

Using steroids for a short period in smaller doses lowers the chance of athletes getting caught during drug tests. Athletes possibly are well aware of it. While a lot of attention has been given to synthetic anabolic steroids, there are a lot of hormone steroids being used by athletes and bodybuilders. Testosterone being the most common one.

You will find a high use of testosterone in kids who wish to enhance their looks or improve their performance. Here are some of the possible effects of using steroids. The results are generated within weeks.

Muscle size

The performance enhancing results of steroids in young men was amazing. Volunteers were given a weekly dose of 600mg or a placebo for 10 weeks (more dose for bodybuilders). Performance tests done after this period shows that hormone has increased the muscle size and strength of the volunteers.

Usually, people have ignored looking at the results of steroids in a short time period. But this test showed exceptional results. Some athletes were monitored over a six-week training period and were given weekly shots of steroids. Well, the performance showed exceptional increment and great results.

Less empathic

The muscle size and performance of men was measured in the start and after the trial period of 3 and 6 weeks. These volunteers were monitored for mood swings, personality and immune system. It was noticed that low dose and short time limit showed good results and enhanced their performance. It showcased a good increase in stamina and muscle size. The personality test revealed that they become more empathic and considerate towards others. 

Active and inactive

Testosterone testing is tough. With synthetic steroids, all you need to do is show their presence. Because testosterone is naturally present in the human body, testers rely on a few methods.

The common method is to measure the ratio between active and inactive testosterone form in the urine of the person, known as TE ratio. In normal cases, the ratio is 1 but when you use testosterone, it can go above 10. If it falls below 1, then your body has stopped making testosterone. 

If you are looking forward to boosting your muscle growth and get a lean body with zero fat, then you can definitely use Canadian steroids for a short period of time and then leave it. Make sure you use it for the recommended time period. You can get in touch with a reliable store and seek their advice on which steroid is suitable for you and for how long, in what dose you should use them. If possible, seek help from a doctor. If you are under intense training, then take help from your trainer regarding which steroids are good for you.