Why is Tiger Eye the Most Popular Choice for Men’s Luxury Bracelets

If you are already into men’s luxury bracelets, it’s high time you top your game! If you’re a newbie in the men’s jewelry bracelets trends, start big! You can’t even imagine what is coming your way thanks to Tiger Eye amazing gemstone.


Even though people have been using this gemstone, among others, for many years, the first official mention of it comes from the French traveler Francois Levaillant in 1784. The impressions he writes down in his travel diary are memorable:

“I also saw one extraordinary stone, to which I cannot yet give a name. It is as large as a nutmeg, has a varying splendor like the opal or cat’s eye, but is of a browner hue, with a gold-colored belt. It strikes fire with steel. Since my return to Europe, I have sought for such in vain in cabinets and among traders, but I have been able nowhere to meet with one. Neither the naturalist, nor the jeweler knows it. This stone at present is in Holland, in the possession of one of my friends, Raye de Breukelward, and constitutes a part of his valuable collection.” [Levaillant, F. (1796) New Travels into the Interior Parts of Africa, by way of the Cape of Good Hope, in the years 1783, 84 and 85. Volume 3, C.G. and J. Robinson, London, p. 208].

Francois Levaillant saw the Tiger Eye during one of his journeys to South Africa and couldn’t take his mind off it. This is why every gemstone we offer at Balisarda is naturally imported from places where nature knows no limit in creating works of art, such as Africa or Asia.



Another name of this amazing stone is “The Shapeshifter” given by the way its colors change according to the way light falls on it, but also thanks to its proprieties that help its owner overcome a transformation process.

The limitation we impose on ourselves has to do with our perception, most of the time. Fear is nothing but a result of our imagination, but it can impact our realities by making us unable to move in the direction we want to. It is believed that the Tiger’s Eye gives the courage to test one’s limits and to overcome them in the end.

A variation of Tiger’s Eye is called the Hawk’s Eye. Both versions are correlated with intelligent, brave, fast animals that will protect and teach you how to use their qualities!


Considered an “all-seeing-eye”, Tiger Eye jewelry will give you the ability to observe everything around you. You’ll gain awareness; you will see the bigger picture which will help you chose the right path, the one you were meant to follow. All of this comes with wisdom and with the required patience to reach your destination


Such a versatile gemstone comes in a variety of colors. The classic version of it has brown shades with a golden touch that makes it shine. However, the Tiger Eye can also be red, blue or pink. In Balisarda‘s collection, you can find men’s luxury bracelets in each of these colors, making it easier for you to find the one that suits your style the best.

  • Red Tiger Eye comes with an extra touch of passion. It will help you not only re-sparkle your love life, but also any other aspect that makes your heart beat faster! It will motivate to achieve whatever you desire! In what concerns men’s luxury bracelets, you can choose between the Triple Sterling Silver Beads and also the Mixed-Multicolored Beaded Bracelets in nuances of dark green, dark brown and red.
  • Blue Tiger Eye is definitely an eye-catcher thanks to its deep, mysterious blue shades. It brings clarity and determination to follow through with any plan! There are plenty of men’s luxury bracelets that feature blue Tiger Eye, in simple, festive, sparkling or multicoloured versions.
  • Pink Tiger Eye appears to be soft and delicate but it lays an infinite power to focus and get a sharper vision on unfolding events. It is the perfect gift for the ladies!
  • Green Tiger Eye makes any bracelet look extremely elegant! It provides clarity by helping you connect to your true self. When you know what you want, everything is easier!

A conversation on Tiger Eye gemstone could go on forever! It is one of the most popular choices for those who like to wear men’s luxury bracelets and now you understand why. By choosing one for yourself, you will allow yourself to be seen by the Tiger Eye you need.