How to get married in Illinois

The marriage license issued by the Cook County Clerk’s office is effective the following calendar day after it is issued. In addition, weddings can be performed by a public official whose powers include solemnization of marriages.” In Indiana, mayors and city clerks can marry couples. The couple must appear together at one of the Cook County Clerk’s six office locations for their marriage license.

The Couple Applies for a Marriage License from the Cook County Clerk’s Office. That means that ministers ordained by American Marriage Ministries are legally allowed to perform wedding ceremonies and sign marriage licenses in Chicago, Illinois. 5. In case of a marriage ceremony at a non-Catholic church involving a Catholic and a non-Catholic, a dispensation must be obtained from the Archdiocese of Chicago before the wedding.

The marriage license fee in Illinois varies by county and is required at the time of application. I did call the Lake County, Illinois Clerk’s office to ask them if I had to file my ordination papers with them for registration and the nice woman clerical worker said I didn’t have to but have a week to return the completed license to the clerk’s office after officiating the ceremony. Over the years I was wondering how I could offer my services to those couples who want to get married but had the impression that I had to be licensed by the state dept of public health to perform marriage ceremonies.

If you’re up for about a 4-hour drive, you could head to Ohio Clerk’s there issue marriage licenses immediately and in most county courthouses, there’s a minister or two in the hallway outside the clerk’s office who can perform the ceremony. NFP calls for mutual responsibility in family planning by both the husband and the wife and allows married couples to live their sexual relationship within natural law as well as within the moral and religious teaching of the Catholic Church. From putting together a wedding ceremony to being a resource throughout the years following the wedding, the Archdiocese of Chicago serves as a resource to all engaged and married couples.  For more information on how to get married in Illinois, visit

This is especially important information for couples who live outside of the county or state and are planning to travel here for their wedding or elopement in Chicago or suburban Cook County. If you ask couples who have got married in grand ceremonies they will tell you that the planning and the costs that go into such a wedding are simply massive. Couples getting married in Chicago will love these top five attractions to visit or use as their wedding day portraits.

Chicago weddings have been a popular choice for couples for the past few years, because of the city’s vast amount of venues. Following Friday’s ruling in a class-action lawsuit against the Cook County Clerk’s office, Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman repealed the June 1 effective date of Illinois’ same-sex marriage law. As a couple, you will want to go to the Cook County Clerk’s office to get your Marriage License.

With the help of wedding planners from Orchard Avenue Events, the newlyweds, from Chicago, got married Saturday night at Chateau St. Jean vineyard in Sonoma County. Alternatively, beginning on June 1, 2014, and for one year thereafter, a couple with a civil union may apply to a county clerk for a marriage certificate that will show them as married as of the date they entered their civil union, sign the certificate, and return it, also without a fee. When you visit the clerk’s office, you must both bring a valid ID, and pay a $60 Cook County marriage license fee.

A marriage license must be obtained from the Cook County Clerk’s Office and be given to the St. James wedding coordinator at the rehearsal. Central Illinois couples tend to spend a bit less time being engaged before tying the knot, but not by much: 42 percent of Central Illinois couples were engaged for a year or more before their wedding day. In 2015, couples getting married in Illinois tended to have formal or semiformal weddings, though the exact proportions varied in different parts of the state.

But before you get carried away worrying about the logistics of finding suitable urban wedding venues in Chicago or barn wedding venues in Illinois’ rural areas, read through this helpful guide that has all you need to know, from getting your Illinois marriage license to helping you and your guests have the best wedding weekend.