Why are People in Abu Dhabi Choosing E-cigarettes over Traditional Ones?

If you are someone who is planning to quit smoking for good or simply looking for a healthier alternative, then e-cigarettes could be the perfect solution for you. E-cigarettes are not only considered better for your health, but they also smell significantly less and gives you a stronger & more pleasant taste. Additionally, you can also get rid of your smoking habit before you’ll know it!

More & more people these days are switching from their old-school cigarettes to e-cigs. The reasons for this switch could be many, or the decision can just be personal. But here are some of the major reasons why people are snuffing out their traditional, tobacco cigarettes and choosing the e-cigarette Abu Dhabi.

Your Health!

There is no hidden secret or fact that smoking could kill you; so, one of the significant reasons why you should make a switch to e-cigarettes is that they are far better for your health. While e-cigarettes are not harmless, they are much safer to use on a regular basis than traditional cigarettes.

With smoking is considered as the cause behind more than a quarter of all deaths from cancer, it is important to consider that the damage is not only being made to your lungs but also it harms your overall health. Health risks that come with e juice UAE, on the other hand, are minimal, with vape pens having about less than 5% of the risks associated with smoking a traditional cigarette.

No Second-Hand Smoke Risk

Another significant reason for switching to e-cigarette Abu Dhabi is that there is absolutely no risk of second-hand smoke. After all, smoking damages the health of people around you as well; in fact, there are people who simply can’t stand the smell. As a result, smoking has been banned in several public places such as clubs, pubs, and restaurants. However, vaping, on the other hand, is not associated with any of the risks to bystanders that second-hand smoke is; this is mainly because the vapours generated by the e-cigarettes don’t have the same harmful particles.

You Will Save Money

A packet of cigarettes in Abu Dhabi typically cost you Dirham 22 each time, but by switching to e-cigarette Abu Dhabi, you can save a lot of money. To put this into better perspective, you could be spending up to, Dirham 600 in a month on cigarettes. With the rise of taxes & political penalties ahead, this figure will only increase. However, this is not the case with E-cigarettes.

Less Smell, More Taste

There are actually very few people who like or are okay with the smell of cigarettes clinging to their clothes. So this is where e-cigarettes help as unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes have little odour; in fact, vape clouds often smell quite sweet! Also, by using e-cigarettes, you don’t have to stick to the same flavour either. As there are quite literally hundreds of flavours available to choose from, so you can pick & choose whatever you fancy at any time.

You’ll Never Have to Search for a Lighter Again!

As we all know, when you smoke a traditional cigarette, you need a lighter to light it. But with e-cigarettes, you’ll no longer have to search at the bottom of your bag or pocket for one or even ask around for it. You will no longer have to worry about leaving your lighter at home or buying a new one every time you leave the house without it.

These were some of the reasons why you should switch to an e-cigarette Abu Dhabi. While e-cigarettes are better for your health when compared to traditional cigarettes, they will also help you to save money in the long run.