Some people have the tendency to avoid nail care since they are constantly growing phenomena in our bodies. They think that it would eventually grow back so they do not mind if some damage is done to their nails. There are many do’s and don’ts in nail care and you might not know a lot of them. The most basic things are very easily such as keeping the nails trim, and cleaning under our nails so that microbes will not have a chance to proliferate.

Avoid doing this

One thing that a lot of people do but should not be done is the use of the nails as tools. Some use them for opening lids and letters, while others use them as a screwdriver. These actions will expose nails to mechanical damage and one wrong move may cause them to break. provides you the correct tools for these jobs and avoid using your nails at all costs.

Stop pulling at it

Another practice that a lot of people do is the pulling of hangnails. This is a dangerous habit as the wrong pull might cause some serious damage to your nails. This will of course be very painful and may cause your entire nail to crack. Even though you are really irritated at seeing feeling a hangnail, it is best to find a clipper and use it to cut it off rather than doing it yourself. The use of nail polish is encouraged by ‘’ to help protect your nails from unnecessary scratches.

Keep in mind

Avoid polish that makes use of formaldehyde as one of their ingredients. These are just some of the things that you should remember when it comes to taking care of your nails. There are still other practices that should be avoided to maintain strong and healthy nails. It is best to consult a dermatologist if you are not sure if your nail care practices are safe and beneficial for your nails. ‘’ believes that the beauty and health of your nails is not just a matter of a woman’s vanity.

Choose the best

Choosing nail care products proper to your actual nail condition is as necessary and individual as choosing a hair conditioner or shampoo, which treats your head and hair the right way. Nailtiques are cosmetic products, which you can find in ‘’, that give your nails a full range of caring services, to detergents or any other harmful element. Nail Moisturizer is a product that does not recognize gender and nobody will notice that you are using a nail product, yes, you may fellow male friend.

The advantage

According to ‘’ of Nailtiques is that its moisturizers are greaseless. All the nail care products are fortified with natural ingredients, including jojoba oil, collagen, and aloe Vera. Enriched nail creams can be applied at night before going to sleep and washed off in the morning, as natural as if they were your own second skin.


Nail care products include conditioning creams and enriched solutions that can penetrate your nails for solving a number of cosmetic problems or injuries caused after medical nail conditions or work accidents. People who handle tools and machinery are vulnerable to suffer nail injuries, so nail care products can also be applied as a preventive measure, reinforcing your nails’ condition.