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16 Apr 2021

Category: Fashion


Advantages of buying jewelry online – Jechic 

In the process of slowing down traditional commerce, online commerce already represents a significant percentage of consumption. This being the case, it is easy to find online jewelry stores where you can search, compare and buy jewelry at very competitive prices. The online jewelry industry is no stranger to the virtues of e-commerce and can take…


Perfect female ring: how to choose? 

A perfect feminine ring: it is one of the accessories that every elegant, modern and sophisticated woman uses to complete her look. The rings are beautiful and indispensable accessories to enhance any woman’s style. And there are so many beautiful female styles, a diverse beauty…


     B.VOC in Fashion Designing 

 Today’s generation appreciate all stylish and glamourous things around, be it cloths, accessories, interiors or exteriors of the house, and many more. Fashion designing is paramount in terms of contribution to Indian economy. As there are many job opportunities in fashion industry it is the…