In recent years, you may have noticed a lot of hype regarding life coaching. Do you ever wonder why? Well, there are so many reasons you need to opt for a life coaching program to improve certain aspects of your life. 

Here, we have summarized the top three reasons to seek the help of a certified life coach. 

    1. To make the most out of all areas of your life

Professional coach training online Bend, OR helps you look at yourself and see where you are right now and where you aim to reach in life. You require the help of a professional coach in life to achieve your goals in certain areas of life. The additional advantage of setting life goals is that its holistic approach helps you for discipline in life. This is because you’ll be more determined to work on certain areas that you might use to neglect before. For instance, if you’re buying a new car, you look at various features, requirements, etc. to ensure that a particular vehicle meets your needs. The same level of planning is essential in your life as well to ensure you actively participate in all areas of your life.  

  1. To actually follow your resolutions that seem hard to follow-through 

With the help of professional life coaches, you can actually follow your new year resolutions that often end up being another list in your diary. Life coaches are trained to understand human behavior and why it’s difficult for them to form a new routine. That’s why they know exactly what things to trigger in the human mind to motivate then to get started on their goals while staying motivated even while facing their inner and outer challenges. 

  1. You’ll feel great

With the help of an expert life coach, your life is filled with more confidence and self-esteem. These two things are very important in one’s life to attain happiness and satisfaction in life. Meanwhile, the stress levels are also reduced when you are more confident. Therefore, you will have more peace of mind. This new change in life will improve your productivity, energy, and focus while helping you bring more passion to your future endeavors. 

Improve your life by Shannon’s life coaching

Being a certified coach with over 20 years of experience, Shannon Conway Coaching has helped several individuals attain happiness and satisfaction in whatever they do. She has achieved her certification after extensive studies in digestive wellness, body medicine, meditation, and creativity. 

She has formed The Course, a life coaching training program that encourages self-awakening in individuals. She even provides various coaching programs for different levels of interest. So, you can consult her for opting for a specific program as per your requirement. 

Being a successful entrepreneur and passionate teacher, she follows a compassionate and gentle approach to help people heal with their inner power. Her ‘find the pleasure in boot camp’ approach further helps in developing more confidence in people to lead a happier life no matter what’s the situation. You can consult Shannon via phone call on +1 458-202-0991 or email at