According to, from 2015 to 2017, 4% of the estimated 23 million households in England had rising moist or various other damp problems in at least one area. This implies that around 944,000 English houses had actually wet concerns discovered as well as dealt with. Damp is a relatively usual problem that often needs immediate treatment before it aggravates.

A damp study is a special type of property survey that looks particularly at any kind of wet issues that a building may have. This is typically executed by a moist professional that will recognize precisely what to look for in regards to where the damp is present, what damage it may or has created as well as how much it can set you back to fix it.

Unlike other building surveys which check out the total condition of various parts of a building, damp studies look specifically at the visibility of as well as damages triggered by damp. This study is generally taken on when a preliminary Assessment, Homebuyers Survey, Problem Record, or Full Structure Survey has highlighted that damp might be trouble in a home.

Do I Need a Professional Damp Survey?


A moist land surveyor will have the ability to offer you a strong concept of whether moist is an issue in your home as well as how much it needs to be included. They will do this by using unique devices to gauge the level of internal wet and will look at particular locations that are often influenced by moisture associated issues.

However, to obtain a deeper understanding of the level of any kind of wet damages, it’s recommended that you talk to damp specialists Kent. An expert will be able to provide you a thorough idea of how moisture is influencing the home, like how far it has penetrated the afflicted area as well as whether it’s rising damp, condensation, or passing through damp that’s the concern.

This information is highly beneficial as it will additionally permit the damp land surveyor to recommend how these concerns must be taken on and the connected expenses that feature the essential repair services.