There are many ways to make money, especially in places like Newport Beach. But have you ever considered buying professional athlete signatures as investments? You may be surprised to find out that professional athlete signatures can in fact be good investments.

Why Professional Athlete Signatures?

Many professional athlete signature collectors reminisce about the feelings of pride and excitement associated with collecting autographs. The value of professional athlete signatures goes beyond sentimental. For those looking for more reliable returns, autographs are an excellent investment opportunity.

Increasing Value

For decades, autographs have seen a remarkable rise in value. The PCF 40 Index tracks the performance and value of 40 autographs most frequently traded in the world. Between 2000 and 2020, the compound annual increase in value was 10%.

Great for Entry Level Investors

Autographs are relatively simple to start with, compared to other asset classes. There is no minimum investment required to make a portfolio successful. You don’t need any technical knowledge to find the most lucrative pieces. It is about knowing what to look out for in autographs.

Being Able to Own A Piece of History

​​A person’s appetite for autographs has historical and cultural roots. The holy grail in autograph investment is one-of-a-kind items signed and signed by historical figures. Here, the sentimental and financial excitement of trading signed documents intersect.

This category includes the most valuable autographs that have ever been sold at auction. The most notable example is George Washington’s signature on his copy of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the First Congress. It sold for 9.8 million in 2012.

Correspondence between historical figures can also be of interest, especially if it is about a significant event. A 1915 letter from Albert Einstein, discussing the conclusion of his theory on relativity, was sold for PS27.500. These museum-grade pieces are, evidently, the most costly for investors.

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