What Everyone Should Know About Electrical Hazards

Many accidents and deaths can be prevented by a person knowing the safety hazards of electrical construction and the dangers it can cause. Someone can also experience many physical problems through electrical current. To avoid injury a person should become familiar with how these sorts of hazards can occur. In the event, the injury does occur it is usually due to three reasons: suffocation or poison, arc blast, or shock.

Electric Shock happens when a person touches or is in the area where an electrical current is present and the electrical energy goes throughout the body and causes a shock. The electrical energy may cause injury, death, or have no effect at all. In the event, there is an injury a person may experience have either a macro-shock or a micro-shock. The first type is Macro-shock. This type of shock happens outside the body or on the outer layer of the skin. The second type of shock is Micro-shock. Micro-shock occurs when an electrode goes straight through the outer skin.

Voltage, Resistance, and Current are the three basic components of an electrical circuit. The one which can kill a person is current. In relation to voltage, the current is in direct proportion to voltage. The two are very similar. In describing the current in relation to resistance, human skin is the resistance and the current reacts to the moisture in the skin. Dry skin resistance is valued at 300,000 ohms whereas the moist skin level is 500 ohms. An injury is less likely to occur with wet or moist skin. Electric shock survivors suffer from either life long injuries or temporary ones. If a person does not show immediate injury after a shock; they can still show the effects several years after the accident. When shock occurs the injured person must seek medical treatment immediately. This has to be done to determine how the shock has affected the person’s body and health.

The second reason for electrical injury is electrical arcs. Electrical arcs occur when huge volumes of hot gas are not contained or interrupted properly. These arcs have been knowing to blow doors open, damage equipment, and throw metal. The temperatures of these types of arcs have been known to reach 15,000 degrees F. The gases they give off are very harmful to human eye tissues and skin. Flash bums or non-contact burns can turn into third-degree burns very quickly.

To prevent arc blasts a person should do the following:

  1. Safety equipment should be worn at all times
  2. Work while following all safety precautions and procedures
  3. All distribution equipment should be checked regularly
  4. Only correct settings and temperatures should be used on distribution equipment

Another and final reason for electrical injury is suffocation and poisoning. When the minimum safe level of 16% for oxygen goes beyond safe levels to levels beyond 25% it is very dangerous and life-threatening. These high levels make enclosed spaces hazardous to be entered into, and definitely unsafe to work in. Enclosed spaces like manholes and vaults can be poison and suffocate workers and people going into them. Other factors can cause suffocation and poisoning too. Some of these factors are combustible gas, inadequate oxygen supply, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen chloride. To prevent poisoning and suffocation from happening enclosed spaces must be tested before anyone enters. Avoid injuries can be done by calling the professional service of an electrical handyman Tucson


The enclosed space should be and remain ventilated. During the work hours, the enclosed space should be tested for gas levels on a continuous basis. All equipment should be deactivated when there is no emergency access available. Lastly, an employee should be placed nearby as a relief who keeps track of and stays in contact with the person in the enclosed space. The reserve employee must have breathing equipment on hand to be used in the event of an emergency. Searching for an electrical handyman Tucson will ease any concerns and reduce the likelihood of injury.