Understanding the system and uses of smok infinx

Most people review the blue version. It looks stunning and badass. Like every pod mod vape, the method of coming together and design of the smok infinx is very simple. There’s a battery at the device’s bottom portion. You have a mouthpiece/pod sitting right at the top. You can charge it with Micro USB. Since it’s a refillable system, you can implement your own E-juice there. For most users, this will surely be a big positive because most of you hate closed pod mechanisms. The infinix is thus a tidy and attracting pod mod. The breath-activated system is what makes it so popular.

More on the pods

You need around 10 seconds or less to set up these smok pods. The simple usability comes from the fact that they are very tiny. Each pod comprises a rubber port on the flank. It flips open during refilling. SMOK also entails a bottle that has a super-thin and sleep tip, which supports the refiling. It’s a nice and clever touch. However, when it comes to the pods, things take a sorry turn. Many people have complained that the first pod they used worked just fine. It had a decent flavor and lasted one full week or a little more. The second and third pod burnt out immediately, well almost.

On the performance

Since a pod mod performs in accordance with its coil system, SMOK INFINIX fails to draw a score here. The coils disappoint to a great extent. Some people say only one or two of the four pods work as per the advertisement. When the vape works, it works well. It has a smooth airflow and while it’s flavor is not as precise as the SMOANT or Suorin Drop, it’s still pretty decent.