A Different Kind Of Event: Welcome To The Lineman Rodeo 

Lineman uses their skills daily but when the Lineman Rodeo Expo comes around its time to demonstrate the world your craftsmanship. Every year the best of best lineman from around the world gather to compete for the best lineman. This event has been going on for 36 years and this year it will be at Overland Park and Bonner Springs, Kansas. 

The rodeo has been growing at an exponential rate since it was funded. This year there is to be expected 250 teams and 350 apprentices who will be competing. The people come every year to leave with the crown and title of champion.

The main event will include competing. Many of the participants will have dreamed about competing in this event since they were little. It’s like the Superbowl for lineman rodeos. Although the rodeo is very competitive the participants are more worried about personal growth.

The safety of the individuals competing and the viewers are always the top priority and expo. This expo is great for people who are looking into this field as a career or those interested in the work of lineman. Also, it is very entertaining to watch the competition. This is for all viewers.

The team events will include the Hurt Man Rescue, Pole Climb, and Two Mystery Events. The apprentices will have a little more work. They will be doing the same team events but also will need to take a written test. 

The goal is to provide educational feedback to improve the work of the lineman. All the judging is fair and done to the judges’ best ability. Each team will have to register before the event and be qualified for the events. Teams will be numbered and the names will be the name of the lineman company. 

Once the event has started if a climber happens to get injured the rule of substitution is the ground man will take the climbers position. If there happens to be sickness or illness the Chief Judge will remove the wristband from the participant.

If you would like to participate as a judge there are a few things that must be done to do so. The first is to have great experience in the Lineman trade. The second thing is you will need to attend the judges meeting on Friday. The third thing is you will need to wear hard hats, long pants, hard sole shoes, and have a clipboard. 

Lastly have a stopwatch to time the events.

To compete as a team you must have the required tools to compete. Every team must have a Bashline #35 handline hook. No homemade or another brand hook can be used during the event. Any special tools during the mystery event will be provided and must be used. Altered tools or equipment can no be used during the event. Contestants will be disqualified if found with fingers cut out of rubber gloves or altered in any way.

A rodeo is a learning tool for the lineman and a great way to demonstrate their skills and move up in their career. This event happens once every year and is always a great fun time. Lineman is those who put up the electrical poles to give us electricity.

 This job and trade are very important to new developments and advancements. This event is every lineman’s ultimate goal. Once there the lineman will be put to the test about his skill and knowledge.