So, finally, the day to celebrate love and romance is here knocking the door and with the winters almost coming to end, just imagine a drizzle on the 14th morning and the environment becomes all cozy and romantic with the love in the air and the heart as well. So, how are you planning to celebrate this day with your BAE?

Going on lunch, a romantic candlelight dinner, or a trip to some exotic location! What’s your good to go? Confused! Clear your confusion and go simple by staying at home and spend some quality time together as this will be the best that you can do for your significant other. With gift hamper for Valentine and a romantic movie on T.V! Can any combination match the simplicity of this duo? Of course, not!

So, here are some romantic and amorous movies listed that you can binge-watch with your sweetheart on the special occasion of Valentine’s Day. So, have a look at the list given below:

  1. Jab We Met

There is no girl in the world who could not relate to the Punjabi character of Geet in the movie played by Kareena Kapoor. With the punchy dialogues that become iconic that everyone starts dubsmashing on the songs and lines of one of Jab We Met, one of the all-time favorite movies of everyone.

  1. Rockstar

Apart from all the drama and of course, the high noted songs, one more thing that the amazing movie of Ranbir Kapoor “Rockstar” shows is the power of love that can make Heer(the actress) stand on her feel seeing Jordan(the actor). The storyline depicts that having some caring and loving around is like a blessing for everyone. You can watch online movies from joinxxi.

  1. Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein

So, from “Sach Keh Raha Hai Deewana” to “Zara Zara”; every song of the movie names “Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein” has an unforgettable impact on the mind and heart of everyone. The movie clearly shows that loving some with all your heart will make that person come to you, no matter what the situation and condition be.

  1. Love Aaj Kal 

Love Aaj Kal is the movie that shows us whatever your past be, whatever you were in your life, bad or worse; the entry of one right person can make you fall in love and can also bring your life on track. Releasing love and going back to bri9ng the person back in your life, is the thing that is common in both the so-called traditional love and modern love as well, this is the basic plot of the movie.


  1. Two states 

The movie talks about the real-life story of Chetan Bhagat showing the impact of communities, families, and society on inter-caste marriages. The story revolves around the central characters of the movie who are struggling to convince their families for the marriage as they belong to different communities and are madly in love with each other. The movie also shows us that if your love is pure, you both will be together as a happy ending in the movie.

These movies can be made more romantic and worth watching on 14th Feb with some exotic gifts in hand as well. These gifts can include a bouquet, teddies, love greeting cards, Valentine flower with cake combo, or anything that can take the celebration to another level with their charm and elegance.

So, apart from spending time together, don’t forget to make the day special for your partner by pampering him or her with your sweet and loving gesture. And, this can be accomplished very easily by ordering gifts online from as this online gifting store is the one that offers amazing and trendy gift collection perfect to give to anyone on the list. So, buy romantic flowers online or any token of love that will be the replica of your hearty feelings and emotions and make Valentine’s Day special.