Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

2020 is nearly here, and this means that companies within all industries will now be considering their digital marketing plans for 2020, ensuring that they have all of the best optimisation and strategies in place to ensure ultimate success in the New Year. With this in mind today we are here to share with all some of the hottest digital marketing trends set for 2020, and advice on how companies can put them into practice! Here goes:

Authentic brand management and user participation – Branding is an important part of any internet marketing strategy and can be used to build a positive impression of company’s brand among public opinion. Next year there is going to be a huge focus on authenticity of brand with the public already suspicious of advertising and increasing searching for authentic companies to use which they can relate to.

Optimisation for voice search on your website or blog – Approximately a third of Google searches are now performed by voice demand, and next year this percentage is set to increase to 50% with more and more people not using personal assistants such as Alexa. This means that websites must all now be optimised to cater for voice search to ensure that they do not lose any high quality traffic from the search engines.

Adaptation and optimisation for social networking news – Social media is now massive and it is important that businesses utilise it to their advantage. Major social networks, including but not limited to Facebook, have announced that social media creation and use is going to impact overall online marketing strategies in 2020.

More creative and personalised content marketing – Quality content remains established as one of the most efficient ways to generate leads and close deals with digital marketing. In 2020 content is of course still going to be really important, however there are a couple of changes that businesses must be aware of, such as the growing importance of providing more in-depth material.

Use of local influencers – It is becoming more and more important for companies to use influences within their industry to build their brands One of the best ways to use influences when looking to enhance your brand is guest posting – The option to have your articles shared on some of the hottest websites which your industry holds.

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