2020 App Ads Trend: Native Mobile Advertising

Native mobile advertising. Theese tree words have the potential of changing your app’s reach and downloads drastically. Native kind of mobile ads are liked by everyone. They mean more ROI for advertisers, more suitable for publishers and accepted by viewers since they do not disturb their experience. Let’s start by defining what exactly is mobile native advertising?


What is native mobile advertising?

These type of adsa re disguised in the content. It does not intervene with user’s experience, it imitates the website’s interface and replicates its basic functions. For that reason, native mobile ads differ from traditional ads like seperate banner sor pop-ups. They are integrated in the platform, they do not differentiate themselves.

What are the benefits of mobile native ads?

Lİke we said in the beginning of the article, native ads have much higher response rate than other types. This is because of their nature of blending in with their environment. When the ad doesn’t disturb the user, they are more likely to respond. Also, since the ad doesn’t scream “Hey, this is an advertisement” people see it as an editorial recommendation. That’s why viewers are more inclined into clicking the ad.

People also share native ads more than other kinds. This can be described as a digital form of word of mouth.

And like everything that involves people, when people are happy other groups are also happy. The developers are happier because people tend to hear and download their apps more, marketers are happier because the ROI is higher, they have more efficient campaigns, and people who own the platforms of the adsa re also happy because the ads do not disturbe their users experience.

Most used native mobile ads formats:

In-Feed Social

In-Feed Content

In-Feed Commerce



Paid Search

Before starting advertising, our reccomendation is having your app store optimizations done correctly. Most important aspect of an application is app store description, do not underestimate it. It’s one of the first things a user sees when deciding whether to download the app or not. If you are looking for how to write an app store description don’t forget to check the article!