To Plan,A Big Fat Wedding See The Indian Wedding Calculator At Intellirings

Indian weddings are a big occasionand there is a lot of planning that is required.The main key to planning the wedding is to save money.If you see the Indian wedding calculator at intellirings, you will get an idea and it is super convenient.

The budgetfor the wedding

Different expenses are involved in an Indian wedding. There are clothes, jewelry, gifts, accessories, vendors, and others.The main planning of the wedding starts six months prior to the wedding. Unless you maintain a book or diary to write down the expenses, you will have no idea about the total budget. You need to work out the wedding budget first. With the wedding budget, it will help you to divide the expenditure and take decisions. You can also see the Indian wedding calculator at intelliringsto get a good idea.

  • Invitation for your wedding

Next, you can make a list of the guests that are invited to your wedding. It will help you to get a headcount for each of the wedding ceremonies that will be held. Having a good idea about the guests will help you to decide on the number of plates to order food for different events. It will make it easy for you to plan out the different ceremonies along with a fixed budget.

  • Cost of the wedding

You need to calculate the cost of the wedding. It involves all the different expenditures. You need to write it down the total cost that is bought for the wedding purpose. If you see the Indian wedding calculator at intellirings, you will have a good idea about this.

  • The food

The next important thing without which the wedding is incomplete is food. With the help of the wedding calculator, you will be able to plan your menu besides keeping the budget in check. You need to plan out a diverse menu for different wedding functions.

  • The decoration

The decoration is another important expenditure that involves a lot of value. If you are choosing a banquet or a lawn, they might themselves hire the decorators for their property. Otherwise, if you are planning the wedding in a house, you can hire the decorators yourself. You can negotiate the charge with him and make sure you get what you wish to.

  • The photography

Photography is another important expenditure at the wedding. You can consult many photographers and hire the one with good experience, see the Indian wedding calculator at intellirings. You can negotiate with them and make sure that you hire the best one for your wedding.

  • Accommodation

Accommodation of the guests is also a big expenditure at a wedding. If you have guests coming from different cities, you will have to make arrangements for them. You can book them a hotel or a place to live in nearby the venue of the wedding.It is always a good idea to do the bookings beforehand to make sure that you do not have to pay extra. Since there ishigh demand during the wedding seasons, it is better to do a prior booking of everything.