Time to Kill – Here Are 7 Things To Do!

Having some free time sounds like a golden opportunity in this time where most people have a hectic lifestyle and they can’t even take a minute for a breath. So, if you are so lucky to have free time yet you are running out of ideas about what to do then these seven tips will keep you busy!

Use your free time with activities that will give you a healthy mixture of being creative, useful and relaxed. With no further waiting, get started with our free-time ideas straight away!


Yes we start off with something that is very important but actually done by few. It may seem like a different idea for your free time but why not become a volunteer? This idea is perfect for people who spend a lot of time working alone or have a career within a very competitive and business minded industry. It’s a great way to step into a different role and do something good for someone else or for the society. The satisfaction of being useful to others is great. Volunteering is one of the noblest ways to show your community your concern and love. You may choose to volunteer for poor people or for people who suffer from certain diseases and need home assistance. There’s plenty of choices, it’s up to you!


There’s much that you can do in your free time that will enrich your life forever. Become a tourist for a day in your home town and visit museums and historical places. Maybe you are even so lucky to live in a city with free guided walking tours. We are often not even aware of how much there is to see in our own town.


Yes, research shows that playing games are not only a good way to completely relax and empty our minds but playing games also has some other great health benefits. Video Games develop our fine motor skills, coordination, visuospatial skills and attention. Research on Alzheimer’s patients shows that playing games every day has a great effect on our memory. Games like domino, bingo, craps and card games like poker and even blackjack all help us boost our memory and make us sharper. Games of all types can be found online, in all languages. Online casinos have free games even in Arabic, Thai and Japanese and there are also many social gaming sites available but most of them are in English only. Just make sure not to loose track of time, too much gaming is not what you are after!


Who knows how many times you chose to close your eyes in front of cluttered rooms or a wardrobe… Well, although some people might find it a little embarrassing, clutter is often more than a domestic issue. It’s possibly time for you to take action and start decluttering your home! Begin with your wardrobe and make sure that you need all those clothes, eliminate or donate clothes that you don’t wear anymore, settle a new placement for the clothes that you want to keep. Do the same thing for your kitchen and bathroom.


Many people don’t play sports because they simply can’t find free time for practicing physical activity. But if you are one of the lucky people who can afford to have free time, catch the opportunity to sign up for a sports class. Maybe you’ve always dreamt to dance or to play football… pick a good class for you and start enjoying your favorite sports. Or, you may always go out for walking, jogging, running, and cycling on your own.


Do you like to write stories and tips? Well, you are surely an excellent blog writer! Create your blog and start writing about things that you find interesting, there might be thousands of people out there who are waiting for such a blog. You can write about cooking, handmade items and how to craft, motors and cars, social issues, literature, music, pets, sports… there are no limits to your imagination!


With the world going online there is nothing stopping us from learning something new or dig deeper into something we are already working with. There are online courses for everything and many are totally for free. Udemy has more than 100,000 courses and their learning institute is available in 40 different languages. Learning is an excellent activity to keep your brain always active while improving memory skills, language and phrasing, and expanding your knowledge. It’s always the perfect moment to start learning something new. You may pick an instrument and start learning how to play, or you may want to learn how to cook like a professional. And if your dream is to graduate, you can even pick an online university and sign up for their classes. Learning keeps your brain in good shape at any age, it’s always a highly recommended way to improve your mental skills.

As you can see, there are so many things that you can choose to do to give more value to your free time. When people have something useful to do in their free time, they feel happier and “useful” at the same time. Moreover, creative ideas for free time help your brain stay always active and improve your cognitive skills, as well. If you are tired of reading boring books about unreal stories or if there aren’t any interesting Tv shows to follow, your best way to spend your free time is to pick one of our smart ideas listed above!  Simply pick up your best idea and enjoy it!