The Role of Mask Fit Testing in Respiratory Health

Masks and other protective equipment have become a necessity, especially in light of today’s recent events. From the novel coronavirus to dealing with hazardous fumes and particles in the workplace, there’s no denying a respirator fit test is more essential than ever. Though the extent of wearing and undergoing a qualitative fit test procedure is known, there are still many individuals around the world who fail to understand its use not only in everyday life but also what the test actually represents for respiratory health. 

In this article, we’ll be exploring how proper testing and procedure factors in one’s respiratory and overall health. Take a look.

Mask Test for Work Efficiency

Face fit testing allows wearers and supervisors to gauge if a respirator fits on their face. These factors in their weight face shape, and other aspects. Those whose nature of work lies in the construction or medical field know how important it is to wear their mask properly. Not only does it afford these professionals the ability to work quickly and effectively, but it also allows them to move with precision and tend to their tasks without needing to constantly adjust what they work. This boost in productivity allows workers to move seamlessly and be comfortable in their environment. 

Protect Against Foreign Particles and Toxic Fumes

A fit test also guarantees that your respiratory system is shielded. These tests ensure that the respirator molds well into your skin and will seal the outside environment against particles and toxic fumes you are exposed to. In the same way, this test gauges whether particles are still able to enter the filter of the respirator and if it serves enough protection against the hazards posed by the workplace and the environment.

Ward Off Diseases

Last but not least is that respirator fit testing Brisbane safeguards your overall health, especially against diseases and illnesses which may be contracted virally. As the world combats one of the fastest-growing diseases today, COVID-19, many medical professionals and even volunteers alike are sent to rescue and treat patients with an onslaught of conditions. To be able to do their job, these experts must wear their masks and submit to a fit test to see if what they are wearing suits their needs and their face shape. 


Now that you know the benefits of mask fit testing, it’s time that you invest in this type of service as well. Not only does this protect you, but it can also ensure the wellbeing of other people.