The Best Flies for Trout Fishing

The tough trout is one of the biggest targets for fly fishers all around the world. That’s because they are strong, intelligent, and hard to land. However, there are many different fly fishing flies that these fish cannot resist. The following options are your best choice if you want to expand your fly fishing experience to the always engaging and hard-to-land trout.

Beadhead Prince Nymph

The Beadhead is an excellent choice for those who want a relatively simple and straight forward fly for trout. They can imitate many different types of aquatic insects, including multiple types of flies. Even better, this fly is usually quite easy to find, inexpensive, and useful for many kinds of fish and fishing situations. It is particularly a great choice for busy and rushing rivers because it is quite strong against currents and should withstand this water flow without running into any problems.

Lightning Bug

If you plan on fly fishing at dusk or during the early night, you may want to consider this fly. It produces a light glow that mimics a lightning bug – a favorite meal for the trout. Typically, this bait uses a two-fly nymph rig but can also be used as a dropper fly as well. We suggest this fly for the advanced fisher because it requires a deft hand and a careful understanding of the trout’s preferred eating spots.

Pink Squirrel

Those who want a sturdy and reliable trout fly should check out the Pink Squirrel. This bait is designed to be useful in just about any fishing situation. Fly fishers have snagged trout with it from very busy rivers, still waters, and in areas with a lot of vegetation. And since it can be used for other types of fish, this fly is an excellent investment for any budding fly fisher.

Copper John

Lastly, you may want to consider the Copper John fly for your trout fishing experience. It is currently the best-selling trout fly on the market and has an extra bit of weight to the fly that gives it a satisfying thickness that trout love. It uses epoxy wingcase and copper wire to produce a fly that is quite strong and capable of many types of fishing experiences. If you can’t catch trout on this fly, you may need to practice because it is the best beginner trout fly.

Picking the Best Fly

All of these flies are an excellent choice for the budding trout fisher. However, the Copper John may be right if you’re starting with fly fishing or trying to catch trout for the first time. However, the Pink Squirrel is a good idea for those who want a diverse fly that is beneficial in any area.