SEO & the Power of Infographics

There are a huge number of reasons why infographics work wonders. Not only do they make your page look more interesting, but they also hold the attention of visual learners far better than a page of words. The average online business can double their revenue through the use of infographics.

There are a few things to remember when it comes to infographics, however. Let’s take a look!

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Don’t Forget the INFO Part

Many businesses make hundreds of fancy, interesting graphs that hold little to no useful information at all. The whole point of an INFOgraphic is to give the reader a more visual perspective on the subject they are reading about. If the primary purpose of your graph is to hold the attention of the viewer, then you’ve technically already lost it!

Make sure you have all the information ready and waiting for your infographic before you even begin designing it. The information is ten times more important than the look. (Though, the look is still very important)

How Do I Design Interesting and Informative Infographics?

If you are a creative person, you may be able to make them yourself from scratch. However, if you require a little bit of creative assistance, there are plenty of useful tools and websites, such as Canva or something along those lines.

Another alternative is to hire a professional designer to do the entire thing for you. You will still need to provide the information ahead of time, but this will significantly reduce your workload. The only problem is that it may also reduce your pocket weight, so make sure you can afford to do so before going ahead.

Start with the Infographic

Sometimes, if you’re thinking ahead far enough, it works to create an infographic around a subject that you haven’t written about yet. You can design and prepare the infographic and then write the content around it afterward.

You should only do this if you already have a good understanding of the topic you plan to write about. This ensures that the infographic fits the later-made content.

So, are we ready to get out there and start using our creative designer juices? I know I am!

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