SEO strategies when creating websites

Are you thinking of creating a website? The matter is not simple, but you are in the right place.

But first of all we need to define some technical hints:

What do we mean by the English acronym SEO?

SEO stands for ‘ Search Engine Optimization ‘, or ‘ search engine optimization ‘. It represents the set of strategies that professionals in the field of website creation (web engineer) use to make customer sites more visible. In general, SEO occupations are based on the study of Google’s algorithms (being the most used search engine in the world).

Put simply, when you search on Google the first results that come are those that come closest to what you need. For example, if you open the search engine to find the best Indian restaurant in your area, you would not want to come across misleading results where you are informed of a steak house open just 100 km away.

This is to say that SEO NYC strategies refer to the creation of appropriate and detailed content with the exact words with which we want to be found.

What do we mean by visibility?

It means a better ranking in the search engine rankings on the web, to be precise, in the non-paid results, defined as ‘pure’.

What are these ‘optimizations’?

They can represent the organization of the site, the structure of the HTML code, the administration of the incoming and outgoing links, therefore, of the links that are in other sites but aim at your site, or, vice versa, and the management of written content.

What are links? Why are they useful?

A link is a link. In a more visual and descriptive way, it represents a sort of road on the internet that we can travel to travel from one site to another. Therefore, the links (structured so that they reach their site) turn out to be fundamental ‘ways’ to host more traffic on their website.

Some SEO stages:

The choice of keywords:

This is an essential phase since, without this analysis, the SEO activity would have no implications. It consists in the meticulous choice of the right keywords that can be carried out with programs (software) created specifically to carry out that type of work. Among other methods we also have the possibility to ask users questions, to observe and analyze the competition and to use the search engine in question, to test it according to our interests and understand how it moves in relation to them .

Being keywords they must not sin of too much generality and even of a marked specificity. Too much generality would lead to a greater difficulty in achieving results in short or pre-established times. While, too much specificity would involve the risk of little (if not zero) traffic on your site, in case those words are not searched at all.

How do we figure out what words users are looking for?

There is a Google tool for KeyWords inside Google AdWords (the Google advertising macrosystem) which gives you the possibility to access statistical data of searches based on your preferences, therefore, global or country searches and so on . This smart tool can also advise you on words that match your interests that you may not have thought of.

On-page and Off-page SEO :

The On-page represents the optimization movements that take place within the pages of the site. As we said earlier, there is an optimization for the written content or images of a site, and the optimization of the organization of the site and its HTML codes.

The Off-page represents the activities used to manage inbound links on the site.

SEO optimization of HTML codes:

All sites are formed by an HTML code that browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, or Safari have the task of reading to open, in our eyes, the website as we see it. This is an optimization that takes place ‘behind the curtain’, being computer codes but which, in fact, make possible what is clearly visible on our site by us and by the users who access it.

Do it yourself or rely on a company?

As you may have already concluded by yourself, relying on a company and, therefore, on professionals in the sector, for the creation of your website, is fundamental. So far we have talked, in fairly small terms, about the SEO services, but there is still a world that, alone, you could not cross. I imagine how important your work is, your business and the idea of ​​wanting to create a site that gives it the value and visibility it deserves.

They deal with the creation of websites and their positioning in search engines (even if I already had a site you want to position optimally).

It deals with the creation of latest generation websites and their optimization. You can choose the type of your website, from e-commerce to a showcase site to a dynamic site and so on.

For example, the so-called ‘dynamic’ sites can be modified by you through the use of an online site management software via a browser, by accessing your reserved area.

The software is simple to use but, for any doubt, you have a telephone operator who will guide you along your path!

Professionalism and seriousness because, in its work team, there are professional figures, experts in the sector with specific skills placed at your complete disposal.

He even takes care of managing Facebook campaigns!

Social networks should be discounted nowadays. Everything revolves around these powerful media.

Advertising is essential to reach the largest number of customers and a certain visibility, and Facebook, if used in an intelligent and conscious way, could make your website fly.

Understanding SEO issues after reading them in an article like this is simple but implementing them is much more complex. Taking this important journey alone could be a risk and cost you more time.

He will take care of the issues listed above, from the optimization of your site for search engines to the care of the positioning of the site on Google and much more whose usefulness you often do not even know, because, you cannot know everything about everything !